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Meteored has more to offer than just meteorology

“Meteored began as a fairly traditional company and though we still maintain that aspect we now have a much broader perspective which is great because it has allowed us to diversify and make better products and services. We are an information company, a software company, the platform for meteorology enthusiasts par excellence, but above all we are company full of people passionate about the products we create.“

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Philosophy and Values

“It is known that the ability of an organization to innovate is linked to the ability of its teams to interact. Numerous investigations have demonstrated that teams with diverse perspectives and opinions outperform teams with more confined thinking, especially when trying to solve complex problems...”

Meteored – A shared team vision


Meteored is expanding and now has a presence in many countries through numerous web portals and apps. We are always open to new relationships that can add value, dexterity and improved activity to the team.

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Meteored - Work With Us
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