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At Meteored we generate our forecasts using data from the ECMWF model, the quality and reliability of this model filters through into the products and services Meteored derives from it, such as our worldwide 14-day weather forecasts.

We also offer worldwide high-resolution interactive maps, allowing us to see the bigger picture that is often necessary with large-scale phenomena, and to focus in on the detail required to understand more localised effects.

All of this is what makes the products and services offered by Meteored both complete and reliable. Research and Development (R&D) is a large part of what we do, always keeping us at the forefront of meteorology, while enabling us to offer you the best weather information on the market.

Weather news

We have news teams spread around the world contributing interesting scientific articles, sharing the latest forecasts and meteorological updates, commenting on current affairs, while providing live connections, videos about important events, and much more.

All our content is endorsed by top experts, meteorologists and journalists focused on keeping us informed about the most important weather events in the present and future.

Weather 14 days

Our app, available for both android and iOS, has over 20 million downloads, it’s completely free and was awarded by Google as one of the Best Apps of 2016. The official Meteored app is a favourite of meteorology fans, featuring in-house forecasts generated from the best prediction model in the world. It has an original, modern design based on Material Design, making the weather easy and quick to check.

Access detailed hourly forecasts for the next 14 days, get the latest news, check the current situation on the rain radar, view the different forecast maps, get notifications about weather warnings and useful weather information for the coming hours and days...get all this, and much more at your fingertips everywhere you go with the Weather 14 days app.

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Web portals

We offer over 25 portals all over the world where millions of people from across the planet access their local weather forecast and keep informed about the latest meteorological news.