Meteored - Alpred Ltd

History of Meteored

Towards the end of the 90s, a love of meteorology drove Javier Lopez and Juan Jose Martinez to create a website offering links to different meteorological data, such as satellite images and weather maps.

Back then, the internet was still taking off and the site didn’t garner much interest but little by little, as more and more meteorology fans began to discover it, the website became a place of constant renovation.

As a result of the increased interest and demand the domain was acquired and in June 2000, the company Alpred Ltd was born with its headquarters in Spain.

Our website was first designed in the year 2000.

Our offices

Our company headquarters are based in Almendricos, a small town south of Murcia and the original birthplace of the company. Our new offices constructed in 2019 provide a pleasant and conductive place for R + D + I and teamwork.