Amanda Souza

Amanda Souza

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Amanda Souza is a Brazilian professional who has the position of editor at Meteored Brazil. She is a Meteorologist who graduated in 2017 at the Federal University of Itajubá (UNIFEI) She brings to the team her experience with short, medium and long term weather forecasts. In academic life, she sought to improve her knowledge in Synoptic Meteorology, working with the Center for Weather Forecast and Climate Studies (CPTEC/INPE), having being awarded at the National Congress of Meteorology with the work “Characterisation of Frontal Systems in Tropical and Subtropical Latitudes of South America”.

In her career, she went beyond synoptics and sought greater knowledge in agriculture, specifically, how the weather and climate could positively or negatively affect rural producers and different cultures in the country. In addition to being an analytical meteorologist she became a coordinator of the forecast team at Somar Meteorologia, where Amanda proved to be a great communicator. There, she was able to explore the media through important national broadcasts, including weather forecasts on television and radio daily.

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