Natacha Payà

Natacha Payà

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Graduated in Geography and Land Management from the University of Alicante in 2016. Subsequently, as a result of her passion for the climate and everything related to nature, Natacha Payá studied a master's degree in Applied Climatology and Media from the University of Barcelona, which she completed in 2018. Her interest in geography and meteorology comes from a very young age, growing up in the mountains of Mariola and Menejador, in Alicante. Such is her enthusiasm that after her studies she took an online course on forest fires and environmental effects.

She has been collaborating since September 2018 in our team, Meteored. Natacha considers that her work in is giving her the opportunity to continue training in this sector and to be able to transmit to the readers what she likes so much; climatology and geography.

Currently, in addition to the above, she also contributes weekly to the newspaper Levante-EMV, a column dedicated the weather and current issues related to meteorology and nature. From time to time, she is consulted as an expert by regional radio stations in different parts of the country.

Personally, she considers herself a very active person with good communication skills. Nowadays, she is very eager to get more training and become a good climatologist.

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