Daniele Ingemi

Daniele Ingemi

Meteorologist - 33 articles

“Meteorologist technician”, according to WMO standards, Dekra certified. In 2011, Daniele Ingemi started studying meteorology, attending a specialization course in synoptic meteorology and medium and short-term forecasts, studying conceptual models for the Euro-Mediterranean area, at the Italian Air Force. Since 2010 he has started collaborating with many local newspapers, radios and television media, as a forecaster and populariser. From 2013 to today he has held the position of meteorologist at the online newspaper Tempostretto.

Since 2015 he has held the private activity of meteorological consultant, making local forecasts for some small municipalities in Sicily and private companies, operating in the sector of energy production, transport and agricultural activities, which require detailed and accurate forecasts for the single territorial area.

Since 2016 he has been registered with the Order of Journalists of Sicily, as a journalist. Between 2016 and 2018 he collaborated, as forecaster and meteorological analyst, for a Hungarian newspaper and a Russian scientific journal, writing articles that dealt with synoptic and study of extreme weather phenomena, such as floods, wind storms, heat waves and droughts.

In April 2019 he took the Dekra certification, as a "meteorologist technician" according to WMO standards. Then he has enrolled in the AMPRO, the Professional Weather Association, where he holds the position of "meteorologist technician".

He mainly deals with dynamic meteorology, synoptic and study of extreme meteorological phenomena, and marine weather forecasts for the lower Tyrrhenian, the Strait of Sicily and the Ionian Sea.

News by Daniele Ingemi

The Fearsome Anatolian Fault: This is Why Turkey Has a Very High Seismic Risk

The last strong earthquake occurred only last year, when between 5 and 6 February 2023 a strong earthquake, 7.8 Richter, devastated the south-east of Turkey and the north of Syria, causing a real disaster: we are talking about around 60,000 victims, more than 121,000 injured and more than 5 million displaced people.

Birds also speak "dialects", some are also very ancient

Birdsong is not an artistic performance useful only to impress the fairer sex. The various songs fall within the sphere of mechanisms for recognizing one's peers, a sort of behavioral barrier to avoid useless and sterile crossings, and related energy expenditure.

Where is the rarest tree in the world found?

Since there are so few specimens of this tree left in the world, the cultivation of these plants abroad can help conserve the species, in the event of extinction in the natural environment.

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