Lee Bell

Lee Bell

Technology, Health & Science Journalist - 26 articles

Lee is a UK-based journalist and copywriter who has been writing about science and technology for over a decade. Kick-starting his journalism career at the B2B tech tabloid The INQUIRER in 2012, he found his voice in the innovations space, focusing on the latest advances in 'prosumer' and B2B tech – such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and virtual reality and how they’re affecting the way we live. It’s here where he carved out a niche for himself, tuning his expertise to the developments in wearable tech and how innovation is impacting the health and fitness space.

These days, Lee’s a freelance writer and editor, specialising in tech, health and science storytelling for a host of national, lifestyle and specialist technology publications in the UK such as The Metro, The Mirror, The Sun, Stuff, Tech Radar and T3 as well as working as a copywriter and media consultant for brands both big and small.

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