Stephanie Leonida

Stephanie Leonida

Science and Technology Journalist - 45 articles

Stephanie studied at the Queen Mary University of London, achieving first-class honours for her BSc Biology degree. Stephanie went on to study the ageing genes in naked mole rats as part of her MSc in Zoology at Pretoria University, South Africa. Following academia, Stephanie became an editorial assistant for Springer Nature’s Genome Medicine and Genome Biology journals, a medical writer, and then settled on a career as a freelance science writer/journalist. She has since written blog posts, features, and news concerning power systems, sustainability, robotics and automation, the environment, and nature.

Stephanie led plant specimen collections as part of an expedition for the Oman Botanic Gardens, a development of the Diwan of Royal Court. She wrote about the expedition for the Anglo Omani Society newsletter and provided a presentation for the society, for which she was highly commended.

Stephanie is currently writing her second children’s book which follows the adventures of an Antarctic Weddell seal. Her hobbies include writing, gardening, exercising, and cooking. Stephanie believes that reading and writing are not the same without a cup of rooibos tea.

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